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My friend Gordon (55 years old, buys his car insurance from is in extremely serious trouble, and it isn't really his fault.

Gordon worked for a small marketing company, which was run by his friend Ralph, a noted bon viveur with a taste for expensive cars and champagne! Ralph believe very firmly in the team ethic, and he used to encourage his six employees to socialise with him regularly, along with their spouses, and one of their favourite nights out was a slap up meal in a restaurant, washed down with copious quantities of vino. The arrangements always was that they would draw lots beforehand to decide which three of them would drive, which would mean that everyone else would be able to relax and have a drink secure in the knowledge that they would be taken home safely afterwards.

One Thursday morning there was extremely good news that the office, because a contract they had been chasing for a long time had finally come right, and there were signing that same afternoon! Ralph quickly picked up the telephone and booked three tables that evening for 12 of them. True to their normal routine, all the boys pulled little folded up pieces of paper out of a tray, and Ralph was somewhat disappointed to see that he was one of that night's nominated drivers! However, the contract safely out of the way, he picked up his nominated three guests, which included Gordon, that evening and drove them to the restaurant.

Unfortunately Gordon that night had severe indigestion (later diagnosed as a result of a stomach ulcer) and he decided that he would volunteer to avoid alcohol and drive after the meal. Needless to say this was very popular decision where Ralph was concerned, and so after the night was over Gordon took uRalph's car keys, secure in the knowledge that his own car insurance policy covered him for any vehicle that didn't belong to him, for of them piled into Ralph's Bentley Continental and they set off – straight into disaster.

Gordon was used to driving a much smaller BMW and only a few hundred yards from the restaurant he misjudged the size of his car whilst overtaking a lorry, clipped the rear of the lorry and the car ended up in a ditch on the opposite side of the road, badly damaged and with four very shaken but, fortunately, unhurt occupants, thanks to the very efficient airbags in the Bentley. The car was towed away, the occupants went on their weary way back home in separate taxis, Gorden got his insurance documents out; and nearly suffered an apoplexy. He realised that although his BMW was covered fully comprehensively, he was covered to drive vehicles that didn't belong to him with third-party only cover!

Repairing a crashed Bentley is not cheap, and Gordon was eventually presented with a bill which ran well into five figures, and he was obliged to take out a second mortgage on his home to cover it. His relationship with Ralph deteriorated as a result, and he resigned from his job three weeks ago.

At the restaurant there was an Internet connection with a computer attached; had Gordon gone online and purchased fully comprehensive short term car insurance for just the one day, it would have cost him just a few pounds; instead of which he now has no job, and owes tens of thousands of pounds. The moral to this tale is obvious.